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Carry on the legacy of Jimbo's with this special tribute t shirt new from IronTree Clothing.

Every artisan crafted IronTree Clothing t-shirt features unique graphics, hand-printed on the highest quality t-shirts. We choose only the finest materials in the creation of our line, using water-based inks and fabrics with a butter-soft hand. The result is an original t-shirt that looks and feels like your favorite old shirt with aged graphics, straight of the package.

Unisex Sizing:- For Men, Sizing is Fitted- For Women, Sizing is Regular Fit

- 100% Fine Ring-Spun Cotton - Hand-Finished in the good ol' USA, Sweatshop Free!

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Jimbo's Shrimp, an iconic Florida establishment located on the Virginia Key A long time favorite shooting location for film productions from Flipper to Burn Notice, Jimbo's was a eclectic cluster of shacks mixed with a bocci ball court, gutted cars and a school bus, colorfully painted and tucked in the wild tropical fauna of Miami.

Esquire's Tim Heffernan had this to say about Jimbo's:

Read the brochures and you'd think Miami has a mineral purity to it: gold beaches, platinum towers, quartz hotels, turquoise seas. Bull. The earthy funk of mildew and swamp, the acetylene heat of the subtropical sun, the rifle cracks of thunderstorms and the thundercracks of rifles: That's Miami. Mineral? Nah: animal. There are iguanas in the trees. Alligators in the swimming pools. It's not a city; it's a hallucination. But the hallucination has faded. Maybe it's a surplus of seriousness, maybe a lack of imagination, but these days only a chemical boost can bring the Technicolor dreamworld flooding back. Thank God, then, for Jimbo's. Tucked among mangrove trees beside a lagoon on an island in the middle of Biscayne Bay, it's not just in Miami but of it. Shrimp boats pull in at the dock. Herons poke around the garbage bins. Locals set up grills out front. And in the shack that is the bar itself, cans of beer chill in barrels while the day's catch cures to bronzed perfection in the smoker. Sure, you'll eat that fish with your fingers. But Jimbo's is quiet and friendly, and it fits the land so right, it's easy to forget that the platinum city exists at all. Sip your beer and listen. That's not the wind in the trees; it's the iguanas.

Sadly, Jimbo's was bulldozed in 2012 and is nothing more than an open field but the memories of an wild and free America is fast being bulldozed by a state/ corporate partership of conventionalization. A longtime friend of Jimbo had this to say, "Hopefully, in the big redevelopment plan for Virginia Key, the place will become a park with a historical plaque about Jimbo and all the movies that were made there."

Its hard to sum up everything Jimbo's represented to Miami and America, if you've never experienced it, it's best to jump online and just spend some time reading the many personal accounts and watching the hours of video footage and photos to get a better idea.

Jimbo's Duck Lake Road Virginia Key Miami, Florida 305-361-7026 http://www.jimbosplace.com/

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